Arvand specialized hospital

Arvand specialized hospital...




Arvand heart care hospital is located on the fifth floor Hospital, with the goal of providing optimal services for diagnosis, treatment and care, with presence of doctors and nurses trained in the field of cardiac care, provides its services as follows:

  • Monitoring patients to prevent heart damage in cardiac patients
  • Conducting Exercise Test
  • Injecting various drugs in order to control arrhythmia and control the extent of Heartfelt Injuries
  • Providing Emotional and physical support to patients
  • CPR breathing patients who are in need of restoration


This section has 7 beds and is equipped with advanced facilities and equipment. The beds in this section have remote controls with the ability to change patient’s situations and all the beds have monitoring system and are connected to central monitor. This section has isolated room of 20 square meters space for isolating infectious patients, according to the latest approval from Medical Department.