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Patient guide

Patient guide

Acceptance process until clearance:

Refer to the emergency department

Refer to the fund unit for prepay deposit

Visit the admissions unit to get the patient's bracelet as well as the necessary documentation for patient admission

Go to the kiosk (ground) to get the clothes of the sick

Refer to the entrance hall for treatment departments

At this stage, the patient is subjected to further testing and, according to the physician's order, determines the operating time and is referred to the operating room

After the operation and recovery, the patient is referred to the relevant department according to the doctor's diagnosis

Order of discharge according to the order of the doctor

Referral of the case to the accounting unit

Refer to the Fund (Clearance Unit) to settle and get the patient's clearance sheet

Refer to the section and patient clearance


(( Guide classes ))

Ground Floor

Emergency, pharmacy, imaging hall, reception, fund


first floor

East Side: Maternity ward, maternity ward, NICU department, work placement

Western side: Specialized clinics, endoscopy and colonoscopy, oncology (blood and cancer), echo and exercise tests


second floor

East Side: Women's Hospital Department, Internal Management, Labor

Western side: Crusher and Eurodynamics


third floor

East Side: Male hospital admission, Nursing management, Conference hall, Accreditation unit, Education unit

Western side:Laboratory, Medical Record Unit and Health Information Management, Accounting, Financial Management


Fourth Floor

East Side: Operating Room, ICU Section


fifth floor

East Side: CCU Section, Complaints Unit, Health Professionals